Olivia Magdelene, D.D.
Olivia Magdelene, D.D. - Breathe. Chill. Abide.
United States, NYC & Atlanta

Olivia Magdelene, D.D. is an abstract artist, writer and nonprofit consultant. A former political journalist, her professional background includes two decades of comparative religion research, including training in Diamond Cutter & Heart Sutras under the Ven. Pema Dorjee and Deyan Popovic, Ph.D. of the Nechung Foundation; an Hon. Doctorate of Divinity, a Masters of Gnosticism & a Masters of Metaphysics under Rev. Amy Long and the ULC Seminary School; and Gayatri Mantra training with Ravindar Kaur of Guiding Light Meditation. She is also a consultant for PoweringPotential.org, a cause installing solar-powered computer labs in remote schools located in Tanzania, Africa & the Peruvian Amazon. She divides time between NYC and Atlanta.

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