Worning warming! Andrei Nistor

300 pixel/inch

The message is short and to the object: we destroy around us, we destroy ourselves as a species and not only!

Avoiding scenes of terror and natural disasters explicit in the work of art to bring an alarm signal I chose this picture taken some time ago.

First of all, the change comes from each individual and at the same time together. Through this work I want to draw attention that all beings and all natural elements

come from the same source, that we are connected with everything that has life around us and practically destroying what has life around us we destroy ourselves.

 The breaking of the tree appear as a gate to the universe, to the source of life and the human that breaks the tree bark is desintegrating, not being aware that it is destroying himself.

We can save ourselves by consciously connecting with nature and what it offers us for living.

The photo was taken six years ago in a forest near Bucharest in Romania.

For photo editing I used Adobe Photoshop and Wacom graphics tablet

The work is done for this event in October 2019

All the elements of the composition are original and personal.

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