Drilon - Art
Kosovo, Peje

Name: Drilon Surname: shoshi City: Kosovo-Peja Higher education: Evolucion Academy of Arts - Prishtina Branch: Painting Year of graduation: 2010 Years of schooling: 2007/2010 Art category: painter, sculptor, drawing, installation, designer, etc. 1.exhibition of the first generation 2008 Peja. 2. Drawing Biennale 2008 Peja 3. Collective exhibition "expo art" 2009 Prishtina 4. Collective exhibition in Skopje 2013 5. Collective exhibition in Tirana 2015 6. Spring Spirit Exhibition at the cultural center in Tirana 2018 One time applicant for tomorrow's artists award. 7. Exhibition in the gallery raffeisen bank in albi mall 2018

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