Elisabeth Veerbeek
Elisabeth Veerbeek - My art reflects the freedom of the soul & the mystery of life. I inspire to embrace life in all its vastness
Netherlands, Rotterdam

Hi there, I'm Elisabeth Veerbeek. After having studied art for a few years at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam I decided to developed my art by myself. A mainstream life has never been my thing. In my early days I already knew I should do things in my own way. A road I walk with passion.

My art reflects a merge between spirituality and creativity. Knowing who you are is very important for an artist, which made me look behind the surface. Beside my art I developed My intuitive gifts to the level of teaching.

I'm very sensitive to energy and color which influenced my art strongly. If you think that makes my art soft you're in for a surprise. I have a dynamic and bold way of painting and I've a vibrant expressive colour palette. I present you an honest look at the beauty of the soul.

Abstract painting brings the freedom I seek, to express the unseen: my soul, feelings and thoughts, the vastness of being, the mystery of life. Everything is energy and we can experience it in so many ways. I aim to express it as purely as i perceive it.

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