Gina Mavi
Gina Mavi - Learn from yesterday, hope for tomorrow, live for today.
Greece, Athens

I have studied Interior Design. I have taken seminars on jewelry, ceramics, and sculpture arts. I paint mainly with colored pencils, aquarelle, and acrylic. I've created jewelry out of semiprecious stones and metals and a line with natural materials (which you can find in the links below). Usually, I tend to blend many different colors, especially in my paintings.

Creating art can be a way of healing they say... I like to explore what's inside me and express it through creating art. Many times I start to paint without having a specific theme in my mind. No sketch, no intention of specific shapes, forms, or colors. I just let my instinct guide me. While I am painting or even only after the piece of art is done, I observe and discover different creatures or faces.

A characteristic example of that is the ceramic "Bones" where you can find a horse head and many screaming faces. While creating this ceramic, I just opened many holes in a piece of clay. I didn't have the intention to create any specific forms...

So, art creation for me is a way to express my feelings, relieve pain, and heal.


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