Giorgio Romani
Giorgio Romani - Woodturner - Contemporary Handcrafted Wood Design
Italy, Teramo
My name is Giorgio Romani. I have devoted myself for fifteen years to the various aspects of woodturning both as a business and an art form, but I have always found it as a personal way to research a balance between my inner shapes and what nature can communicate. I mostly use green wood for my works, it allows me to have a deep feeling with the material since the tree felling, it lets me follow all the processes from the live material up to the finished product. During the drying process the wood produces an almost predictable warping geometry that matches exactly what I am looking for out of it. In giving the shape to the material I often try to achieve that unpredictable bent aura. That is why green wood is my perfect medium. As a sculptor, I am always searching as to how a form can interact, share, position, and fill the space around it. In years I have been commissioned more than once in the realisation of large wooden sculptures now located in public sites. All my works are a reflection of my experience through research, combined with elements of culture, literature, music and figurative arts. Currently I spend most of my time drawing and expressing myself in the creation of contemporary design objects such as bowls, vessels, hollow forms, unique furniture pieces and others to which this website is mostly dedicated. But aside, part of my working time is also dedicated to teaching and holding small workshops on bowl turning.

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