Harry Holland
Harry Holland
United Kingdom, Cardiff

Harry Holland is widely regarded as one of Britain’s best craftsmen, producing technically brilliant and very beautiful paintings. His style is distinctive and immediately recognisable, something which every artist seeks. The paintings are suggestive in the sense that they imply situations, events, or relationships that are not directly expressed; this imbues them with an engaging sense of mystery. A master of painting, Holland works with uncompromising commitment and sincerity to produce art that is intense and rewarding. He has a predominant interest in the formal and technical aspect of painting. His contemporaneity is based on the study of classical values applied to modern metropolitan life.

Born in Glasgow in 1941 he spent his childhood in various parts of the UK settling in London in 1949. He trained at St. Martin’s School of Art from 1965-69 where he first exhibited in 1969. In 1973 he moved to Cardiff where he lives and paints today.

Solo Exhibitions
As well as participating in many group shows and international fairs, Holland has had many solo exhibitions including: 1970 Greenwich Theatre Gallery; 1971 Obelisk Gallery, London; 1973 Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; 1979 Roundhouse Gallery, London; Oriel Gallery, Cardiff; Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham; 1980 Welsh Arts Council, Touring Exhibition; 1981 Mineta Move Gallery, Brussels; 1982 Arnold Katzen Gallery, New York; Garton and Cooke, London; 1983 FIAC, Mineta Move Gallery, Paris; Robin Garton Gallery, London; 1984 Ian Birkstead Gallery, London; FIAC, Mineta Move Gallery, Paris; 1985 Artiste Gallery, Bath; Edinburgh Demarcations, Garton and Cooke; 1986 Chicago Art Fair, Ian Birkstead Gallery

1987 Andrew Knight Gallery, Cardiff; Bohun Gallery, Henley on Thames; 1988 Garton & Co, London; Thumb Gallery, London; 1989 Bohun Gallery, Henley on Thames; Forum Art Fair, Thumb Gallery, Hamburg; Jill George Gallery, London; 1990 Thumb Gallery, London; 1991 – 1992 UK Touring Exhibition, Jill George Gallery, London; 1992 Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff; Jill George Gallery, London; 1993 Beaux Arts Bath; 1994 Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff; Jill George Gallery, London; 1995 Oriel, Arts Council of Wales Gallery and Touring Exhibition; 1996 Jill George Gallery, London; 1997 Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff; Galerie Michel Rooryck, Knokke, Belgium; 1998 Jill George Gallery, London; 1999 Mineta Move Gallery, Brusself; Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff; 2000 Il Politico, Rome (with Sean Henry and Edward Lucie Smith); 2001 Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff; 2002 Il Politico, Rome; 2003 Mineta Move Gallery, Brussels; Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff; 2004 Albemarle Gallery, London

2005 Il Politico, Rome; Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff; 2006 Mineta Move Gallery, Brussels; 2007 Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff; 2008 Albemarle Gallery, London; 2009 Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff; 2010 Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff; Albemarle Gallery, London; 2011 Mineta Contemporary, Brussels; Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff; 2012 Oriel Tegfyn, Menai Bridge; 2013 Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff; 2014 Bernaducci Meisel Gallery, New York; Morningside Gallery, Edinburgh; 2015 Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff; Morningside Gallery, Edinburgh

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