Ingrid Signy Karlsen
Ingrid Signy Karlsen - I’m in a universe of colours and patterns
Norway, Finnsnes

My artistic work consists of paint with acrylic and drawing with ink. I make sculptures using organic materials such as clay, stone, shells and driftwood. I am currently also exploring different printing techniques, and am very fascinated by lino- and woodcuts. I like to use harmonious, strong and clear colors, and I am motivated by talented artists like Picasso and Matisse. I do not want to tell everything with my work, I like to simplify and only highlight a section or a scene.

Our beautiful nature in the north gives me many motives - but I also find motive when I travel and when I see an old, venerable house. I am inspired by what gives a simple, graphic expression, what shows lived life and by people in general.

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