Katarzyna - The silence is the way to my freedom.
Poland, Warsaw

I was born in 1978 in Poland. I graduated from Technical University with a degree in architecture and urban planning. For many years I was designing interiors and suddenly inspired by the work of Françoise Nielly I began my artistic journey. My dream at that time was to become a painter and create art that would bring a lot of color and positive energy to the interiors.I am self-taught and currently pursuing my dream. The stage I am at now is the result of many years of work, constant research, curiosity and experiments on canvas. I still draw a lot of energy from discovering new colour combinations, structures and finishes. My studio is like a small laboratory where I love to combine various types of pigments, pastes, gels, paints, res-ins and even rust.

I love to paint women and birds. I like challenges, so very often I paint something that I have never created before. My paintings geometrically depict people, animals, etc. What is specific to my works is the use of the triangle as a dominant shape- I love it as it gives me endless possibilities.

Recently I also started painting abstract landscapes, but my works can mainly be classified as act, abstract act, cubism and op art.

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