Kimberly Stein
Kimberly Stein - Painting the intersection of light and color
United States, Vienna

My journey as an artist began over 40 years ago. Through my art education and formal training I learned a lot of rules. As I matured as an artist I learned which rules to break and why. I continue to explore the ways in which materials, mediums and techniques work in concert to create something interesting and beautiful.

Sometimes, a certain color or a certain texture takes center stage in one of my pieces. It is my aim that all of the pieces are timeless in their effort to translate my feelings and impressions of a specific place or place in time.

I am currently creating mixed media pieces on paper in groupings I call Series. Each Series can have 10 or more pieces. The pieces are sold individually but can also be viewed as a collection. Or, even a couple of pieces in a collection will visually coordinate with each other. I have created a unifying pattern through shape and color that ties the pieces together.

My work should promote a smile or a memory of a happy time. I focus on those ideas and images that make me happy and so in turn my art strives to spread happiness.

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