Mesje Bluntuccio
Mesje Bluntuccio - fly when You sleep, draw when you awake
Poland, Warsaw

I was born in 1984 and first half of my life lived in Warsaw, in Poland. I always like to draw on my school desks, schoolbooks, walls, floors, doors because of that i had a bit of a problems at school.

When i discovered hip hop culture and garffiti i was amazed and wanna draw more. I tried to learn more and be better but life didn’t go the way i wanted.

My world collapsed and me with it, so to tried find myself and purpose i decided to travel abroad to Scotland, exactly to Isle of Arran and after arrival i lived in there for 15 years. I changed spray cans and started learning to paint acrylic and draw with inks and pencils again.

Two years ago i started doing digital painting on program called Procreate. Painting and drawing was always a part of my life but few times i forgot about it and felt that was something missing in my existence.

I’m trying to draw my dreams and trying to learn more about different techniques, to see where the drawing will take me.

Hope You enjoy my art and find something for yourself in it.

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