Mike Oikonomou
Mike Oikonomou - An effort to harness fire, at times successfully at others not, the result always touching perfection.
Greece, Athens

Mike's artistic creations are pieces of earth and their embracement with the sea or fire. During his diving, he extracts different discoveries from the ocean bottom. And just by looking at them, he gets inspired to create their compositions such as human forms, unique lightings, and other syntheses. Like the enamel mosaic on the shell syntheses which is the meeting of a shell (pine) with a prehistoric representation (mural at Thera Museum).

Also, the artist's daily life and experiences drove him to create a series of wall clocks named ''The Kiss".

Mike likes to experiment with different materials such as metal, terracotta, acrylic colors, and a variety of natural pieces such as African wood and stones. His creations are an effort to harness fire, at times successfully at others not...



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