Novak Slunjski
Novak Slunjski - Everyone is talking, only artists have no more words …
Slovenia, brestanica

Marijan Novak Slunjski, 1962, after getting a degree in art education at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, he continued his studies in Rome with painter Piero Pizzi Canelli and in Venice with master Emilo Vedova. On his artistic path he has met established artists and teachers, but above all he learned about art and explored it by visiting the world’s galleries, reading academic literature, fiction, poetry and art magazines, and by continuously observing and studying everything in depth. Thus he has developed his own style, which is not dictated by trends, but by his mission that materializes in the moment when the painter touches the canvas.

Since 1988 he has been exhibiting regularly; he has participated in numerous group exhibitions, art colonies and performances. His paintings are in permanent collections in Slovenia and abroad. For his work he has received numerous awards and commendations.

Novak builds a personal, independent expression. His paintings are multilayered. He mainly uses acrylic paints, various mixed techniques and collages. Apart from paints he uses unconventional painting material such as plaster, sand, pieces of canvas or similar fabric, burned paper, corrugated paper, coffee, sugar and other.

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