Pallavi Wankhede
Pallavi Wankhede - Artist
India, Wani

Hey Everyone, my name is pallavi Wankhede and I am from India. Professionally I'm a chemical engineer and also love to paint since childhood. My artistic career started back in March 2020. Throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, I developed a special interest in modern art and abstract making. As a self-taught artist, I love to explore every aspect of paintings and also love to experiment with colors and invent a new style while painting. Most of my artwork is inspired by post-modernism and abstraction. In my current work, I've presented various styles of abstract expressionism, impressionism, and surrealism. I believe that painting every time is a learning activity and still has a long way to go. I also believe that making art without boundaries brings so much joy to a person. I wish my paintings touch everyone’s heart and bring something new to this world.

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