Sasa Vasiljevic
Sasa Vasiljevic - be yourself
Serbia, Novi Sad

Biography: Saša Vasiljević

I was born on 18.05.1970. in little town Arandjelovac, Serbia. Elementary and secondary mathematics I ended up in my hometown. I studied mathematics and architecture in Novi Sad, Serbia.

I started painting in 1993. The first solo exhibition of my paintings and drawings was held in 1997 in the Small Gallery in Arandjelovac, Serbia. In the next period, I was involved in web design, animation, 3D modeling, illustration, and jobs that are not related to the art of creativity. All these years I painted, drew, and sculpted, and intense continuing to exhibit in 2014 when it participates in the international exhibition of drawings Gallery OSTEN in Skopje, North Macedonia.

I had several solo and group exhibitions and was a participant in art colonies. I live and work in Novi Sad, Serbia.

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