Susanna Schorr
Susanna Schorr - Intuition is the language of feeling and the whisper of soul
Germany, Passau

Welcome. Herzlich Willkommen!

My words „Intuition is the language of feeling and the whisper of soul“, says a lot about me and my artworks.

Born 1973 and grew up in Bavaria, Germany. My artistic path started in a unexpected way during a sabbatical year. There, the feeling of the brush and colors in my hands released the love and passion for painting.

My creations are diverse and inspired by the harmony of colors, the beauty of nature, the charm of animals and the painting flow itself. My goal when I start a painting is to convey positive emotions and energies. The drawing process itself does not follow any rules, I trust my intuition when using colors and various tools and techniques. This is how the results come to life from modern abstract to the representational.

Art expresses my sensitivity and spirituality. I believe that art in any form, is a wonderful gift to bring good vibes to the world and I am happy that I can contribute to that as well.

You are welcome to visit my website and my Instagram account.

Beautiful colorful greetings

Susanna Schorr

My artworks have been exhibited in Paris, Milano, Genua, USA, UK, Austria and Germany.

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