Claartje Barbara van den Berg

This artwork will portray a Dutch girl with traditional costume in bright colors with a pink bubble gum.

Available in the sizes:
22,5 x 30 cm or 30 x 40 cm, editions of 12
60 x 80 cm, editions of 9
90 x 120 cm, editions of 6
120 x 160 cm, editions of 3

The digital collages have Limited Editions and are made with the best materials. All editions are controlled, numbered and signed by Barbara van den Berg. The limited editions are printed and sublimated on 2mm aluminum and have a lifetime quality guarantee. This artwork will typically portray a dutch girl in bright colors. Her wide-eyed gazes and slightly chubby cheeks accentuate a childish innocence. She obtains a doll-like quality that straddles between being human and a puppet.

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