0 June 1960 - Joseph Kabasele, called the Great Kallé, composes this song for the Independence of the Belgian Congo ... It draws the line on a great colonialist period...

Many struggles and problems will still have to be endured by the people, but on that day they dance to the sound of Congolese Rumba and "Indépendence Cha Cha".

Independance Cha-cha to zuwi ye!

Oh Kimpwanza cha-cha tubakidi

Oh Table Ronde cha-cha ba gagner oh!

Oh Lipanda cha-cha tozuwi ye

Indépendance cha cha nous avons gagné !

Nous sommes enfin libres

Oh Table ronde cha cha nous avons gagné !

Indépendance cha cha te voilà enfin entre nos mains !

Independence cha cha we have won!

We are free at last

Oh Round Table cha cha we won!

Independence cha cha you are finally in our hands!

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