Burial in Castelo de Vide: The Solitary Violinist Paulo Amsel

60cm x 42cm

When a person truly believes to be important, sometimes with the arrival of the last breath, there is the realisation that things were not exactly as imagined. The dream of a magnificent, majestic, and crowded farewell, when in reality is nothing more than the imagination playing tricks. It is that feeling, that moment, that is represented in this drawing. Through this series of 15 works, of which the "Solitary Violinist" is one of them, that dream is fulfilled. Bringing emperors, musicians, acrobats, angels, dancers, and many other characters, bearing standards and flags on this funeral procession where exuberance and popularity are exalted. It is a simple work yet, walled, detailed, and filled with irony.

Purposely, the entire series is carried out on lightweight recycled sketch paper, only using Chinese ink as technology, allowing for the detail and intensity of the situation to be highlighted.

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